Say YES to St. Louis

Say YES to St. Louis

Say YES to St. Louis

We need to try something new.

Instead of saying no to opportunity and change, let’s try saying YES!

Instead of saying no to imagination and possibility, let’s try saying YES!

Instead of saying no to innovation and equitable growth, let’s try saying YES!

Instead of hiding from our problems, let’s face up to them.

We can do better! I know this because despite our problems, St. Louis is steeped in potential and ripe with opportunity.

St. Louis is rich with world class institutions, world class infrastructure, world class history and culture, and yes, world class sports teams. Let’s say YES to every St. Louisan who wants to help us build on that potential.

Let us say YES to the collective wisdom of our communities, whether you’re raising their kids in the central corridor, the north side, the south side, or right here on the west side.

When I was growing up in the Hamilton Heights, Wells-Goodfellow and Walnut Park neighborhoods, I wanted to be many things, but going into politics was always the one thing I said I would never do.

My momma, God rest her soul, used to tell me that the quickest way to make God laugh? Tell Him what you’ll never do.

We are not a poor city, we are a cheap city. We have refused to invest in and believe in the things that will move our city forward. Yes, we need to make our city attractive to new investors, but we also need to invest in ourselves. We need to roll up our sleeves, learn new skills, and grow into a more equitable city.

Our City stands at a crossroads. Every day, we are haunted by the ghosts of our past, by centuries-old problems, and every day, it seems like we attempt the same tired solutions.

You should be able to succeed here….

regardless of your skin color,

regardless of who you love,

regardless of your documentation status,

regardless of what language you speak,

regardless of how you worship,

regardless of what neighborhood you live in,

regardless of your health insurance status,

regardless of your school district,

regardless of your zip code,

regardless of any identity that you hold, I want to build a city where each and every one of you feel welcome.

And I know that we can.


Today I am asking you to dream bigger. Because bigger and better is, indeed possible!

I’m running for Mayor because I believe in our potential as a City and as a region. I’m running for you. I’m running to usher in Saint Louis’ next era. I’m running to create Our Saint Louis: united, strong, confident, and equitable.

A Saint Louis that brings us together.

Say Yes to Tishaura O Jones for Mayor of the City of Saint Louis. And say yes to Saint Louis!

If you are ready to lead the fight for justice in Saint Louis, Say Yes!

If you are ready to take on the root causes of crime and poverty, Say Yes!

If you are ready to build a government of, by, and for, the people, not just the powerful,

Say Yes!

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