You should be able to succeed here regardless of race, class, disability or sexual orientation. A commitment to equity and inclusion goes beyond using buzzwords and requires consistent commitment from leadership to confront uncomfortable topics. As mayor, I will reinstate the position of Deputy Mayor for Racial Equity and require that they incorporate a racial equity lens into governmental decision-making and expand economic opportunities to minorities, women, and immigrants. Establishing Saint Louis as an inclusive and equitable community and reducing the racial wealth gap will help to rebuild our population, incentivize large corporations and small businesses to invest in our community, and make our city stronger and safer.

Racial Equity Lens in Governmental Decision Making

When I am mayor, everything will be on the table. The city must adopt the Calls to Action set forth in the Forward Through Ferguson Report.

When I am mayor, the city will:

  • Develop and use a Racial Equity Plan to support policy, process, and program development throughout City departments.

  • Utilize the Equity Indicators Report to inform our work each day.

  • Implement the recommendations of the Health Equity Works/For Sake of All Report.

Economic Empowerment

St. Louis ranks 42nd out of 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country in terms of economic mobility. This is unacceptable. As mayor, I will work to expand entrepreneurship and job opportunities for all women and minorities to help build our economy.

To do this, I will:

  • Promote the strategies of Equitable Innovation, such as preserving and investing in industrial land and stable, affordable housing simultaneously, and investing in job training for high skills manufacturing for people with barriers to employment.

  • Expand job training and education programs that connect Saint Louisans to real jobs, and help them start a career that allows them to stay in Saint Louis and raise their families.

  • Make sure that Community Benefit Agreements are attached to projects that receive TIFS to include minority and women owned businesses.

  • Increase investment capital for inclusive innovation for:

    1. Women Entrepreneurs
    2. Black, Minority, and Immigrant Startups
  • Improve MBE/WBE participation, technical assistance and tracking.

  • Work with local businesses and organizations to provide year-round jobs for youth, allowing our young people to learn valuable skills and our businesses to grow.

Immigrant and Refugee Inclusion

Attracting and retaining immigrants is critical to regional growth. Immigrants are an asset and strength of our communities, not a burden. The city must devote resources to helping new Americans feel at home in St. Louis.

I propose that we:

  • Develop a Government Office for New Americans focused on making sure that immigrants to Saint Louis are able to succeed here.

  • Implement a Municipal ID program.

Disability Rights

St. Louis must be a place where people can achieve success regardless of physical ability. The city is not compliant with the ADA accessibility plan,  and it needs to work to meet those requirements to meet a minimum level of accessibility for the disabled community. The city must be safe and accessible and must eliminate sub-minimum wages that are currently allowed to be paid to people with disabilities  under state and federal law.

As mayor, I will…

  • Work to make sure that City Hall is more accessible and easily navigable.

  • Utilize social media in a way that is accessible.

  • Actively solicit input and recommendations from the disability community for ways the Mayor’s office can be a better ally.

A Saint Louis that Protects our LGBT+ Community

With LGBT+ communities under attack in state legislatures across the country, including Missouri, the city needs a mayor who will establish Saint Louis as a safe haven for our LGBT+ community. This community is an asset to the city, and should be treated as such. As mayor, I will support and work to enact policies that honor the rich history of our LGBT+ community and affords them the protections they need to live out their lives happily and safely.

As mayor, I will:

  • Make paid family leave available to all city employees.

  • Fight state policies that threaten LGBTQ+ rights and be a vocal advocate for the passage of the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA).

  • Destigmatize and decriminalize sex work.

  • Partner with LGBT+ advocacy groups and local pro-choice organizations to increase accessibility to abortion, reproductive services, and other healthcare for everyone who needs them.

Violence against the transgender community in our city must end. Black and brown trans women have been most affected, and unfortunately, many have lost their lives.

  • Work with the Board of Aldermen to establish a LGBT+ commission, like the one recently established in Kansas City, to advise the Board on ways to increase safety and inclusivity in Saint Louis.

  • Be a vocal ally and advocate and solicit community input to make sure that the Mayor’s office is receptive to the needs of the LGBT+ community.

  • Work with city departments to avoid misgendering and deadnaming in record collection.