ST. LOUIS — Democratic primary voters gave City Treasurer Tishaura Jones a pivotal push Tuesday toward re-election — plus some political momentum for a potential follow-up run for mayor next year.

Jones rolled up about 59% of the vote against longtime Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, a well-funded challenger who has fought with Jones for years regarding her oversight of the city parking division.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Vernon Betts easily defeated two Democratic primary foes — Alfred Montgomery and David Mosley.

Jones, 48, and Betts, 67, will be big favorites to defeat Republican nominees Robert Vroman, 39, and John Castellano III, 47, in the Nov. 3 general election in the heavily Democratic city.

Vroman, a real estate investor, ran unopposed for the GOP nomination for treasurer, while Castellano, a deputy on Betts’ staff, easily defeated Lester “Corkey” Stewart, 65, for the sheriff’s nomination.

Jones, in an interview Tuesday night, credited her victory to talking directly to average citizens about their concerns.

“We never forgot we were in the middle of a pandemic; we asked how they were doing, we offered them tips for their survival,” Jones said.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think people care about who runs the parking division as much as whether they think they’re treated fairly. They know they’re treated fairly in my office.”

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